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Our on-line sales are available only inside Poland.

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Terms and conditions

Online shop, Fanex Sklep, hereafter known as ‘The Shop’ - - is owned and operated by Fanex Spolka z.o.o. (Fanex Ltd) at 05-870 Blonie, Radonice 5A, phone number 22 4710 444, fax 22 7253 094, email:, KRS number 231618, NIP 524-040-14-45, Regon 011042091

1. The Shop sells groceries over the internet in the assortment and at the prices specified in the offer.

2.Orders are accepted via the internet. To place an order, the customer should complete the order form. When an order is placed, the customer will receive an email message confirming the order has been received by The Shop for processing. Incorrectly filled order forms will not be processed by The Shop.

3. Order fulfillment

a) If The Customer chooses "cash on receipt" as the form of payment, the orders are processed within 3 working days.

b) If The Customer chooses to make a bank transfer or on-line payment, the order is processed within 3 business days after the payment has been registered in The Shop's account.

Orders are processed in the order they are submitted.

4. In the event of the unavailability of some items in the order, the customer shall be informed immediately. The customer will then decide if they wish to receive part of the order or cancel the order.

5.  All prices are in Polish zloty and include VAT. The price given for each item is binding for both parties from the time the order is placed by the customer.

6. The Customer can choose from the following payment methods:

- bank transfer

- cash on receipt

- online payment

If paying by bank transfer, the customer may send the payment confirmation to The Shop via e-mail or by telefax to speed up order processing.

7. Ordered goods are dispatched as instructed by the customer, by courier according to the courier’s terms and price lists. The customer pays the shipping costs. On receipt of the goods, the customer is obliged to check that the received goods are what they ordered, and confirm their receipt.

8. The multi pack of sauces contains 6 items (this may be made up of different types of sauce) and only such orders are processed. Therefore the minimum order for sauces is 6 or multiples of that number.

9. The following Shop products are packed and only sold in bulk.

Quantity in bulk packaging:

- Sticks - 30 packs.

- Coolerki - 6 packs

- Tortilla - 18 pieces

- Products packed in sachets of 60 g - 35 pieces

- Products packed in sachets of 15 g - 50 pieces

- Products packed in cups of 25 g - 48 pieces

10. From the time of an order’s confirmation by The Shop, the order is treated as a purchase agreement between the customer and The Shop. The subject of the contract is the goods listed in the order. All products purchased in The Shop are under guarantee.

11. All personal data provided in an order made through The Shop are collected and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act . August 29, 1997r. (Journal of Law of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended). The collected personal data is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling orders placed and information about promotions and under no circumstances will be made available to third parties. Each Shop customer has the right to view, modify or delete his / her personal data from the database.

12. The Customer may cancel their order without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of receiving the goods. This is only possible if the product has no signs of use, is complete and has not been damaged in any way. Returned goods should be returned together with the invoice or receipt received with it. The Shop guarantees a refund of the amount equal to the price of the goods and the cost of shipping the goods to the customer. The money will be returned within 5 working days by bank transfer to the account indicated by the customer or by postal order to the address indicated in the order. The returns form is included in the Appendix. The return date is 14 days from the date the Customer informs The Shop of his or her decision to cancel the order.

13. If after the receipt of the goods the customer finds them faulty, he or she should return them to "Fanex Sp. z o.o." Błonie Radonice 5A by post. The returns cost will be refunded to the customer as soon as the goods are received by The Shop and the complaint accepted. Returns should include the original receipt and the reason for the return. The Shop will send replacement goods, unless there are none in stock. In such cases The Shop will either send a refund or offer similar goods from its stock.

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